Getting in the Groove

Taken Monday after several days of therapy.

Those are my knees up there, bent slightly and seen from the top, with some ink marks made by the orthopedic surgeon who finally explained everything to me on Monday.  My kneecaps are not where they should be; they’re supposed to fit neatly into those visible grooves in the thigh bones. Instead, they’ve migrated outwards, so bone is grinding against bone in a location not designed for contact. This isn’t as rare as I was originally led to believe. The great news is that the physical therapist and I can train the leg muscles on one side to relax and the other side to tighten, and they will pull my kneecaps back into the undamaged grooves where they belong. This can actually be FIXED!  Not just “arrested as is. ” That is the best news I have had in the very long time since this all began.

I’ll begin my month at Ragdale next week, and while I am there, I’ll still be doing two hours of healing work each day, commuting weekly to the excellent physical therapist I’m working with, experimenting with a new direction for my work and letting the unknown happen, integrating it all.

Taken in early June, but I just got a copy this week.

And, maybe getting better at blogging; I’ve been incredibly busy. But here’s a blog with nice photos of the Lubeznik show, which I still haven’t gotten back to to document.

Things I thought I would never put on my feet. They are rather miraculous.

6 thoughts on “Getting in the Groove

  1. melissa, this is rather miraculous: that you have a diagnosis, a plan of exercise and recovery, and running shoes, i’m assuming for walking. excellent news!

  2. ow! i winced when i saw that x-ray, even before the explanation. but that is SUCH good news to hear about being able to reverse the migration!! yay.

  3. Thanks so much, you two. I am sooo relieved and it is fantastic to be moving again. Yep, those are running shoes (with extra fancy insoles) that are not for running; no high-impact stuff for a long while. But they make walking possible!

  4. (I’m doing some odd exercises and stretches, things never encountered in any yoga, t’ai chi or dance routine I’ve ever done or seen. And using some most interesting, bizarre equipment at the therapy facility.)

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