Time Expands

Now I am at Ragdale…ahhhh.  Tired and happy after my first full day, totally unpacked, studio set up, kozo soaking for cooking in the morning, after the physical therapy work. The studio is where that happens as well, after the early morning cardio walk portion of the program.  I learned immediately not to wear the fancy running shoes on the prairie in the dewy mornings; they are like sponges. So I am the turtle out among the runner-hares on the Lake Forest sidewalks for the next four weeks (though I did make my fastest time yet this morning. Being out of the city is good for me.)

It’s a very good group of folks, old friends and new.  It seems odd to have only eight at the dinner table, but it’s much nicer for deafened me; I’ve sat talking in the dining room for hours after dinner both nights, able to be part of the group conversation. Today, I even got the inevitable Home Depot run out of the way, accompanied by an artist from Oregon, the only other monthlong resident.  And so it begins (along with hurricane Irene. Stay safe, everyone).

On a downed tree just outside the studio; I saw it from very far below during the last two residencies. The summer’s storms have kept everything green and lush even in late August. The big bluestem is purple and gloriously tall, waving over my head.