Really, I should blog…

The lower prairie looks like a margarine or laundry soap commercial. Some of these are 15 feet tall!

…but, since I am only having this single residency this year, mostly photos will need to suffice for the rest of my time here. The first group has gone home but one, a new group has arrived but for two, who are coming only for the second week, our last.  We had a fun night and afternoon of viewings and readings for the first group, but at that point I had nothing to show. I had a second week of struggle with leg-related and a few other issues. Though I did get work done in spite of it, it went much slower than I wanted to.  I did not go to a doctor. The ankle improved and I removed the brace, but two days later it annoyed me by starting to swell a bit again. So it’s still wrapped but it is healing.

Yesterday, I reached A Great Age. The Birthday was grand: it was heralded two days before by an absolutely marvelous package from Aimee, containing (among other great things) a lovely hanji scarf which surprised me with its warmth; I will be wearing it this fall (which is on its way).  On the 9th itself, I woke early and got the walk and PT out of the way in time for lunch with Paul, who magically dispelled some of the non-leg struggle by reminding me of a few essential facts (and he brought some good things from home as well). I took a totally delicious short afternoon nap, then finished the penultimate piece in the studio, where I was visited by a large class of architecture students and their professor, and later, by two curious deer.

I SO wish I’d had the presence of mind to photograph dinner!  The ever-fantastic Chef Linda made things I love: her famous mango salsa and savory grilled salmon. She had asked earlier if I wanted a cake, and I declined. So, instead she piled delicious crisp sweet black watermelon cubes into a cut-glass, stemmed serving dish, decorated it with flowering sprigs of mint, and topped it all with a pink sparkly star-topped candle on a skewer…just…perfect (and utterly delicious). Ahhh.

These are (finally) all done now.  So are the second shapes for the piece; tomorrow and Monday, while the last two finish drying, dye tests, experiments, fun…

The milkweed harvest will be huge!  This is only one patch: fat & healthy plants…plus I have a waiting bundle of imported-from-New-England milkweed (Thanks, S).

(Earlier) tonight; and now: goodnight.

(Yes,  I will remember, today, in the prairie teeming with life that existed before us and goes on without us, life that kills only to perpetuate life.)