Things (That) Happened

Cleome gone wild! (These were all transplanted volunteers).

I’ve been back from Ragdale for ten jam-packed days. That included a final driven push on an extended massive project, a long, long, long day of captioned jury duty, and then a flurry of other work, which isn’t ending anytime soon (I’m swamped). A great deal of it is good, other bits tedious and time-consuming but highly necessary. There was also another odd medical problem that has now been addressed. It kept me away from computer screens for several days.

I had my follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon who confirmed that the physical therapy is working. My kneecaps are still skewed, but they’ve shifted enough to relieve a great deal of the grinding, pressure and pain, so now I simply continue the exercises.  Also, every pound of body weight equals five pounds of pressure on the knees; I’ve relieved mine of fifty pressure-pounds so far without dieting. I wholeheartedly thank Chef Linda for helping me to drop five at Ragdale, while still feasting! That’s miraculous.

The last days of Ragdale were fantastic, including a long porch talk and bottle of wine with an old friend, something we don’t get to do often. Things did get rearranged a lot in terms of the work I did, but in any case, here’s what happened that I can show you; two more projects are still in progress, to be completed in time to be installed during the upcoming harvest.

I agonized over the colors for these. There is no title yet, though there are several possibilities in the lineup. Below is the viewing sequence:

And again, with a little more detail. There is a simple message embedded:

Below is another heated-floor piece. It is a departure that insisted on being made. Dyed abaca, raw flax, kozo:

It is unfinished in this not-great photo; it’s actually a substrate, a five by four foot piece of paper on which to make two drawings:

You can bid on the piece below tomorrow evening at the Morgan Conservatory‘s annual benefit auction.  It’s made from Iowa /Japanese kozo, the parents of the Morgan kozo patch (and mine). It’s a fully functional raised cord binding, a substrate for your drawings or writings if you want it to be.  Go. Enjoy. Buy some work, and help the Morgan continue its stellar programming.