Fall In

I’m still swamped – not much time for online pursuits such as blogging, Facebook procrastination, or even more than a cursory daily skim of the news.  I am: writing, documenting, doing deferred taxes, curating, rebuilding last summer’s lost photo files and slideshows, and hoping, hoping, hoping to get to some unfinished artwork soon.  Things won’t slow down until mid-November, and then only for a wee while. Through it all, the daily physical therapy (as often as I can, I head to the forest preserve for the walking part, or I’d not be getting much of a glorious autumn) and the usual (currently losing) struggle with our personal environment. 2012 is rapidly filling, meaning a lot of advance admin and a limited amount of time to apply for anything; as of this writing, I have two free months.

Ah well.  Yesterday, a fast busy roundtrip to de-install at the Lubeznik Center in Michigan City. They gave me a lovely collection of high-res images from the show, which will help with those photo files. I liked the detail shot above.

Here’s a rendition of a show I wasn’t aware of till it showed up today in Google Alerts, an appearance of (S)Edition in an online collection of mushroom images (illustration, textiles, etc.), and what’s up next out in the world (followed the next week by the same new, improved, two-day class at Evanston Print & Paper).