Frenetic Fall

Swamped, swamped, swamped, still.  As soon as things get checked off the to-do list, more are spawned. And, more inquiries continue to pop in.  It’s wee bit crazy, and I’m currently having to try and calm that breathless feeling daily.  I’ll manage it, I am managing it, but I’m late on some things.

I ‘graduated’ from knee-related physical therapy sessions this week, with a long-term plan I’m still implementing in spite of it all. That’s essential; I definitely feel it if I don’t. I’ll miss the excellent therapist, but I can keep in touch with questions (whew). New PT starts Monday with a different therapist, addressing a recurring inner ear situation that cost me several days recently, significantly contributing to the current work crunch. I also met my new audiologist this past week, and liked her. The evaluation was not the best but I knew it wouldn’t be. The hearing aids are now reprogrammed for my new level of loss.

So much for my physical plant; it’s old, and requires extra maintenance these days, but it’s still chugging along. That’s a good thing, because it looks like it’s not slowing down for the foreseeable future.  In so very many ways, that’s most fortunate, so now: back to it!

Today’s drawings are by John T. McCutcheon. He was another member of the original Ragdale family, and these panels are taken from one of two original six-panel works that still hang in the Barnhouse.  His old studio is right next door, but not a part of the property. When I was a child, this 1907 piece of his ran in the newspapers annually, over fifty years later,  just as the leaves began to fall in earnest.

6 thoughts on “Frenetic Fall

  1. i’m reading ram dass’ _still here_ and grateful for the wisdom on aging and how to reframe our biases and programming in how we think about our physical plants. and glad that you have good specialists!

  2. afraid i need to sort out my foot and knee issue…the knees are stronger after new exercises, the foot, well… and the finger gets evaluated next week. it is THE (f) finger, so i get some satisfaction.
    we old mares just keep on plugging away!

  3. Hope the hearing aids are working well though I remember too well those days of adjustment and knowing that I really didn’t like the way things were going. Are you a CI candidate yet?

  4. Thanks, all you mares of various ages :-).

    Stephanie, no, I’m not a candidate. I’m ‘deaf enough’ in decibel loss, but my word comprehension is too good!

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