A New York state of Blahg

I’m in NY, and it’s shortly after the first day of the two-day Portable Papermaking class. I haven’t seen much NY yet but some excellent Indian food and  the subway to & from my lovely hostess’ Brooklyn flat, so this will be quick. But a blog’s the perfect way to put in some needed rest-my-ears time; it’s a full, lively class in a busy, bustling place.

Freneticism went into overdrive and I arrived here yesterday with under two hours of sleep.  Why?  Rebuilding the very important, integral slideshow from the horrendously mixed-up recovered files from my crashed hard drive.  The other, smaller slideshow I’d reconstructed went fast, but, noooo: not this one. Multiple images had randomly relocated and others disappeared altogether, and I had to reshoot what I could. I had to get ’em off the external drive before I  left, so: no sleep. I started sequencing them on the plane, and finally finished at about 10:30 last night. But it’s actually much better than the original version, so that helps.  I am getting too old for all-nighters, though.

Here at CBA, I needed to wait for a class to finish in the bindery before we did the extensive studio setup. But Aimee came by!  It was so lovely and fun to see her and to have time to talk …and she let me put her to work as well (thanks!).  For some reason, we did not do the obligatory photo.  Aimee looked great.  Me? Well…

The class is just sweet and of course, like all my classes, is a bit of a productive madhouse. It’s an excellent mix of folks with widely different levels of experience, but everyone is getting something useful, and that’s grand.  I’m especially pleased that several teachers came specifically to find new ways to take papermaking into their classrooms; the icing on an already fine cake is the outward ripples that will occur. Thank you, Center for Book Arts.