New Things

I’m now represented by Zia Gallery in the Chicago area. They’ve already made a page for me on their site. Zia is a young-ish gallery in the area, just over a year old; it’s a small space with big ideas that I liked a lot. They’ll be part of Art Now at Art Miami / Basel next month. Currently, Zia has eight pieces of mine ‘in stock’ and my work will be featured in a show there from the end of November 2012 through early January 2013.

It’s a whole new adventure for me.  Gallery representation has never been much of a personal goal or interest.  (I’ve been affiliated with Gallery Shoal Creek in Austin, Texas, for several years, and I definitely enjoy that, but this is a wee bit different, and local to boot). Beyond sending out a small Chicago mailing many, many years ago, and once dropping off some slides to a local gallery a smart friend said would be ‘ideal’ for me (all of which were ignored), it’s something I’ve never pursued.  The galleries I’ve shown in have found me, which is how I prefer to roll.  I know that’s exactly the opposite of what young artists are firmly taught to do, but it’s how I am. So, I thank Zia, and I’m looking forward to learning what this is all about.  It felt appropriate to formally begin on Halloween / Samhainn.

The mail recently brought an inscribed copy of this (relatively) new book by Sylvia Ramos Alotta, along with a nice note. Sylvia took my bookbinding classes in grad school, many years ago. She has an amazing ability to make rapid, accurate sketches, (while simultaneously building the books!) and her drawing style is impeccable. So, if you wish, you can see several structures I taught in Bookbinding 1 and Intermediate, circa 2000-2002, along with classes by Barbara Korbel, Scott Kellar, Maria Fredericks, Betsy Palmer-Eldridge and RaeAnn Collins. It’s an excellent resource, particularly for visual learners. For me, it provided many memories, since I evolved the structures, handouts and class content considerably in later years.

Some works of mine will be included in this upcoming book, as well.  Thanks to Jen Thomas, whose work is also featured, for letting us all know (via Facebook) that it can be pre-ordered.  The editor was just lovely to work with. I suspect (and hope) I’ll be seeing some of you in there as well!

(As long as I have all this ‘me’ stuff today, I might as well add that I’m pleased that Ryerson Woods chose an image of my work to represent their ‘Green Design’ programs this year, which included ‘Natural Cycles’. And now, back to a whole whole lot o’ tedious admin.)

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