Some new same old

The view till Wednesday, at least.

I’ve been back in full-tilt, nothing-else writing mode for the past few days with a few more days to (ahem) look forward to. I discovered (to my dismay) that on my calendar, I’d put the correct day, wrong month on a project that was due in October, not November, quickly contacted the people involved, and found that the piece is still wanted, so now I’m working furiously on that. The very next incoming e-mail brought the same situation with another deadline, only this time it was the folks who needed the info who’d sent the wrong month: November, not December.  So, I’m working on that, and on two more similar projects as well, of course all due -or overdue- at the same time. None, alas, are proposals. This morning, I finished writing responses to a lengthy e-mail interview about Natural Cycles, and sent that off. All this has kept me from getting back up to document the show, but lovely Marnie of Monkey Rope Press has blogged about it (with photos), so here it is, while I write and write and write.

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