I love holiday weeks because the energy focus changes, becomes less urgent. The inboxes and texts have calmed down. My plan is to both relax and quietly wrap up projects over the weekend, hopefully allowing much of December in the studio: something to be grateful for indeed.

The lovely print above is by Marilyn Sward, done in 2006.  I had forgotten about it until I ran across it this week, carefully tucked away. On the back is a note full of good things that can still make me blush, including a bit about ‘organizing’. I’ve mounted it and hung it on my office wall so that I will never forget so very many things.

Here’s a nice review of Natural Cycles by Sara Burrows that came out this week in a number of North Shore local papers; big thanks to Alicia Bailey as well: I am honored.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. that IS a lovely review; makes me wish i was able to experience the show in person. congrats on the continued positive responses! and ENJOY the quiet time.

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