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Video still circa 1990, just for fun.

I’m seeing an increasing number of searches for ‘Melissa Jay Craig classes / workshops 2012’ which is very nice: thank you!  I do have some excellent ones scheduled for summer, and am currently in talks about a couple more. I’ll post them here as soon as each goes live for registration! (My web site is still frozen in limbo, and likely to remain that way for awhile; I can’t add anything to it. So please check back here or on my Facebook page.) My final 2011 workshop is the new, extended two-day Portable Papermaking at Evanston Print and Paper on December 10 and 11, and I believe there are still spaces open.

I’ll be giving a workshop and critique sessions in conjunction with this solo show in January, but for St. Ambrose University students only.  However, the artist’s talk and reception are open to all, so if you are nearby, please come and say hi.

And, if you are in Miami tomorrow through Sunday, Zia Gallery will be representing my work at ArtNow.

There have also been searches for Natural Cycles: Sustainability in Book and Paper Arts.  My web site woes, the fact that the formatting options of Blahg leave much to be desired, and other projects are causing me some delay getting it online. I am experimenting with a few new ways to present the show, and I truly hope to publish one here soon!


2 thoughts on “Search Response(s)

  1. yay! so many of us are looking forward to what next year brings. i can’t believe you have it in you to teach another workshop this month! maybe i’m just exhausted myself, but you’ve been going nonstop for a while.

  2. You are amazingly busy with showing and teaching and workshopping. Hmmmmm, if I stole a workshop, would that be workshoplifting?

    Anyway, congratulations. You be good people, deserve wonder things.

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