Ten More Days

I’ve been quite busy, but with things not interesting enough or too as-yet unformed to blog about (composing reference letters, researching several things, writing, preliminary curating with a dear friend, doing some work on the house and tons of somewhat surprising thinking and cautious planning, to name a few).

I am so much more aware of the approach of the solstice (and so, the holidays) this year; much earlier than ever before.  I think it’s because I’m working at home, where the waning of the light, the onset of each day’s earlier and earlier darkness, is so much more noticeable. I got our wee lights installed earlier than ever and they bring a snug comfort (and make me want to cook, too).

Yesterday I went to Ragdale’s warm lovely annual holiday party, arriving a bit early so I could enjoy a wee visit to the prairie before the light went.  It was wonderful to see Ragdale House looking like this, much like a friend recovering well from surgery, and also to see all the new copper trim lit up by the early sunset:

I had so much fun, and so many consecutive conversations that unfortunately I missed each and every tour of the interior!  But a friend and many-time resident of the house who did step inside said, with a huge grin: “It looks like…like…Ragdale House!” I also ran into a few folks who knew Barbara Metz, and we traded stories and toasted her. Of course, I had my annual tarot reading, which hinted that there is good reason to anticipate the sun’s return. I took the long, non-freeway route home, just to enjoy all the holiday lights along the way.

(For those still searching for ‘Melissa Jay Craig Classes 2012’, thank you again: here are .pdf links to two ‘summer sneak previews’:  Arrowmont (June 10 -16) and Women’s Studio Workshop (July 9 -13) !)

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