Follow Up

I am coming out of a major slump at long last; it’s something I haven’t wanted to write about, but it’s lasted a couple of months, really. I think I might write about bits of it, soon, or at least about some of the things that are bringing me out of it.  Part of the relief is finally beginning to get long-backed-up things done, and one of those things is this: page for Natural Cycles.  The show closes this week, but won’t be de-installed until the beginning of a hectic January, or rather, a hectic year.  So, enjoy, far-flung folk who couldn’t see the show: this is the best I can do to give you a sense of it.  Someday soon, I do want to do another version, if I can find an environment as lovely as Ryerson Woods. Today’s photos were taken while Shawn and I worked on the installation.

Happy almost-solstice and Heading Into The Holidays week!