It’s Now

It’s the Solstice, tonight or tomorrow morning, according to different sources.  So here’s my annual link to the Maeshowe web cam; it’s streaming live this year from 14:00 to 16:00 GMT, which translates to 8am – 10am Central US time.  The sun is setting at about 3:15pm in the Orkneys, and tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy there, but the webcam is on till the end of January / early February, and you can view animations from previous years at the site. Hurrah for the return of the light!

2 thoughts on “It’s Now

  1. last night seemed soooo long. i will notice the difference in a week or so, but with no snow and so much warm, it all seems weird this december.

  2. Here’s my winter solstice poem I wrote last night.

    December 22, 2011

    Click of contracting metal
    as heat fades
    cat asleep on tabletop blanket
    to my left
    wife asleep too early
    few feet in front
    sweet, perky
    good looking woman
    stretched easy on couch
    too much much inside her head
    me awake in chair aware
    I know naught of either
    or any other
    or me
    yet suspect
    she got more flavors
    than I got neighbors
    a whole hood inside her house
    where I but roustabout without
    standing, steadfast
    safe harbor
    depth determined
    no matter ice
    of winter solstice
    this longest night of year

    — Smith, 12.22.2011

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