Pie, Productivity, Play

We’ve been having a lovely, relaxed and rather hilarious time here. That said, I’m still working: resolving curating issues, helping a few folks apply to grad schools (the only type of effective academic recommendations I can still do). I’m also applying for a few things soon, so, thanks to last summer’s hard drive crash, once again I must research myself from February 2010 till now, to update the various CVs and resumes. Blahg is invaluable for that! And I’m hammering out the schedules for the de-installation of Natural Cycles and the details of the next quickly upcoming 2012 shows…. so there is really little change, other than the Company of Good Friends and Too Much Good Food (if there is such a thing). I guess the biggest difference of having a holiday week on our own terms is my personal internal permission not to evaluate each day solely in terms of productivity, of What Got Done or more accurately: What Didn’t Get Done. There’s a lesson here about balance: perhaps I should declare 2012 a holiday year.

Paul ensured both productivity and great pleasure with his absolutely amazing gift. He took a look at the structure of a borrowed mould and deckle I’d admired and praised, snuck off to the wood shop, and made seven of them for me! They were all cut from a single clear slab of recycled old-growth lumber, once part of a massive convention center display. I’ll be able to increase my class sizes, and will have new sheet sizes for my own work as well. I am beyond pleased!  (And, he’s going to do all the waterproofing!) Beautiful, yes?

5 thoughts on “Pie, Productivity, Play

  1. OMG!!! those are gorgeous! he’s like your m&d fairy. i am so glad you get your own set. how fancy.

    as for 2012 as a holiday year, now THAT is quite an idea! i’d never be able to even pretend to do that but i like what you say about not judging by what didn’t get done! i just read someone else saying the same thing and i realize that is how i make myself crazy!

  2. Aimee, I think almost all of us who work independently do that; there are simply relatively few external time-markers for accomplishment when compared to the rigid structure of academic and/or corporate working environments. We know we need to set our own goals, so we can become way too obsessed with that.
    So: let’s declare 2012 the Year of the Independent: we can be productive *and* remember to celebrate our independence!

  3. Woo Hoo, you got hooked up too! Those are just awesome—beautiful work he did! I get to be independent next week and try mine out–I’m setting my goal to have fun.

  4. melissa, this is superb! my traveling set of mcdonald moulds makes it easy to teach. but these are beautifully made. yay paul. i share those productivity feelings but i cram them into vacations. that’s a drag because i never get done what i c/should. but, maybe if all days are holidays lots will be accomplished. wendy likes that idea because then she can keep an eye on me.

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