Into 2012

One of Paul’s friends recently got an embroidery machine. This is his name for me:

Bro left and we headed out to the ‘burbs for our family gathering yesterday. A quiet celebration tonight and this year’s sweet rich holiday season is over: time to see what 2012 will bring.  It will start out with a sustained monthlong busy bang, so I am grateful for the time we’ve just spent with friends and family, and I am always, always thankful for this wonderful connection with all of you here. Thanks so much for visiting with me!
And now, of course, it’s time for Odd Search Engine Terms 2011 – the most amusing ways people have found their way here.  Most searches were for me, the blog itself, specific artworks, shows and classes, and a nice number for people I’ve mentioned or subjects I’ve written about. I lost the week-by-week list I was keeping in the hard drive crash and didn’t start another, so these are all culled from the WordPress summarization for the year:
  • kozo paper fossil leaves
  • all therapists are crazy thats why I am one
  • paca paca passion stencil
  • how do work the Hollander beat?
  • “Elizabeth in pain”
  • limp clean jaw
  • the book are lick mush room
  • real life memory card
  • art Melissa feet
  • piano vibrates on sand and others
  • bifocals admin boring
  • upside down toonie
  • why my tritomas glowing
  • mad road is my address
  • old linnin beatter
  • fourfeetleven
  • millimeter melissa
  • twist and turns signs
  • be museum contextual instal lation contextuall
  • mjc healing house fucking
  • Melissa Jay Air Canada
  • my abaca my life
  • Walloshroom
  • Listen Listen Listen thirtysix
  • Swearing Lichens
  • hand felt shoes discoloured lower leg
  • Ragdale resllying
  • marvelously jay
  • dayline focus MK2 headlights
  • I ho ohh i
  • some have been searching for books
  • papersculptur fat ladies
  • bindwijze van cater pillabetsy
  • bookarty paperarty
  • Stencil graffiti fungus animals
  • how long it take to hear from resdency program studio center aplacatin notofocation
  • Women with one short leg and brace ouch
  • the book are have fungus lichen
  • Melissa J Craig disappearance 2009
  • Translation good for the mind

…aaand my favourite this year: Melissa Jay Craog Blig

Have a warm, happy, safe celebration tonight, everyone. Bliadhna Mhath Ur!

4 thoughts on “Into 2012

  1. that embroidery is brilliant!! glad you are celebrating, warm and safe. julie laffin and i talked yesterday about how much we love you. happy new year!

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