Thick Of It

Work, work, work, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, write, write, write about me, me, me and my work, work, work. I’ll get a break tomorrow for a much-needed haircut, trying out a new, nearby place. At the moment I closely resemble Albert Einstein, probably from pulling on my hair in exasperation while I write, write, write.  Shawn and I got the Natural Cycles show down, got great feedback about it and stole time for a lovely long walk  in the woods, but other than that, the above is all there is, except:

Two lovely one-week summer 2012 classes are online and open for registration, so here are the links, as promised: Arrowmont, June 10-16 (Gatlinburg, TN) and Women’s Studio Workshop, July 9-13 (Rosendale, NY). Thanks for the searches and hope to see you there!  Sign up soon…

2 thoughts on “Thick Of It

  1. do you sometimes feel sort of disembodied, like you’re looking at/writing about some familiar, yet oddly strange “other”?

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