I am not in Iowa again…

…but I was, and had a fine time, and will return again in ten days. If you are in Iowa, I will be giving two public presentations at St. Ambrose University in the Galvin Fine Arts building.  One is geared for artists, on Thursday evening, January 26,  from 6 -7pm, when I’ll talk techniques, about how some of the works in the show were made, with documentation, props and images; the second is the visiting artist’s talk on Friday, January 27 at 4 pm, followed by the show’s reception from 5-7.

The installation went very well; it’s a sweet gallery with some interesting features and the director is excellent; we worked together easily and most enjoyably.  I love the shows when I can be there for the installation, particularly with (S)Edition. This is the largest gathering of copies since the entire edition was installed at the Morgan: 81 of 99. I had much fun toying with the flow of the show, good visits with Professor Joseph, and a nice talkative dinner out with our small group.

I stayed (and will stay again) in a monstrously huge, labyrinthine and hilarious hotel with an interior over-the-top lavish-ly modeled after a German castle; words just fail me.  Breakfast is served in a cavernous two-storied dining hall with towering chandeliers, its upper walls adorned with taxidermy.  On Sunday, throughout the meal,  there was a man playing a grand piano I hadn’t even noticed the day before; it’s that cluttered. Surreal, but highly amusing: definitely not a generic Whatever Inn. I call it Schloss Iowa.

Now, for the next ten days, a plethora of projects. Here’s something unusual that showed up in google alerts while I was gone.  I don’t know this person, but rather like what she did, even if she didn’t.  I do applaud (and encourage) anyone who chooses to step out of their personal boundaries to learn what there is to learn from the attempt.

4 thoughts on “I am not in Iowa again…

  1. Thanks y’all.

    Actually, the blahg title is misleading: I AM in Iowa, because my work is there, having conversations of its own with gallery visitors.

    (Linda, I agree…)

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