Keep Calm and Carrion

January 2012 is indeed proving to be ‘interesting’ with rather huge unexpected, un-ignorable events dropping in our already busy laps at this house this week, affecting us next week and a bit beyond.  The hardest part was admitting that I simply had to drop one postponed project and continue to postpone another, but the people involved seemed to take it well; at least easier than I did.  I’m trying to see it as an opportunity to practice acceptance of my limitations. It’s almost working. Almost.

Reports from Iowa about the response to the show are wonderful, which helps.  I return to the school (and hilarious taxidermy-infused hotel) early Thursday for an intense residency after a highly charged, insanely busy early week.

I admit I’m harboring hopes for a quiet February, with time to rebuild my broken web site and to finally address other behind-the-scenes tasks.  You know: winter.

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