Ahhh. The anticipated quiet February is here, and Chicago has been weirdly warm and snow-free (knock on wood). I’ve been busily at work on a postponed-by-surgery project with that project’s fun and lovely partner, somewhat frustrated by budget limitations but still quite excited about how wonderfully things are shaping up within the necessary parameters. I also have my at-home duties doubled for the next few weeks, being the sole fortunate person who is able to do anything physical (shopping, cleaning, cooking, driving, laundry, etc.) during the healing period, which has made me appreciate exactly how much considerable weight we each pull here (not to mention being doubly grateful for the lack of snow and the need to shovel it). They’re all time-consuming, dull but necessary tasks. It is also definitely necessary to begin to address my broken, in-limbo web site this month, but first there is a much greater need, my personal cure for damn near everything: the studio.

So: As of this morning it’s completely unpacked, all vestiges of past projects are cleaned away, the beater is freshly greased and the work surfaces are totally cleared and ready to go. Hemp, flax and kozo are soaking for cooking in lovely 40 degree weather outdoors tomorrow, and I say: hello, February; hello, hello at last, time for new projects and experiments. Few things are more necessary to me. Ahhh.

(I heart my studio when it’s clean; even better when it looks like it will in 3 days).

Like Aimee, whom I’m quite delighted to be showing with, I forgot to post that this exhibition opened yesterday in Texas (though it has been listed over there in the blahg sidebar). I too hope everyone had a grand time last night!