Yesterday I had a pivotal conversation via captioned iPhone. Short tests with the app were wonderful, and I’ve used it successfully (and with a sigh of relief) for things like appointments. I really thought it would be fine. But the long conversation was simply ridiculous on my end: the app suddenly became agonizingly slow, misinterpreted words, and froze. three. times. I backed it up with headphones and cranked-all-the-way volume that just barely gave me the speaker’s voice, yet disconcertingly fed back loud, distorted,  delayed echoes of my own. I can do most anything but have an effective phone conversation, so I’m rather frustrated by the fact that so much, so often, seems to hinge on just that.

And now I’m left to wonder: do I become my own arch-nemesis when I attempt to accommodate the hearing world instead of relentlessly insisting on the other way around?

5 thoughts on “Nemesis

  1. I’m having hearing loss problems of my own. The doctor told me I must be lip reading sometimes without being aware of it. Said they could give me a nice expensive hearing aid which I cannot afford.

  2. I think it’s hard not to want to continue operating in the hearing world when that’s from where you came. I speak from experience, as you know. I used the phone right up to getting my first CI. Never gave up on it even though it was getting damned near impossible. I never used a captioned phone — those came along I believe just after I’d gotten the CI. I think it’s wanting things to be as easy and convenient as using the phone used to be when we could hear. I probably denied up to a point just how hard it was for me to use the phone; I just couldn’t imagine not using it.

    Any possibility of getting a CI? Are you covered with insurance? Seems like it’s your next step.

  3. Thanks, all…

    Smith, I am sorry to ‘hear’ that. I got my first hearing aid very cheaply through Chicago Hearing Society, a refurbished one…is there something like that near you? I will e-mail you.

    Stefanie & Aimee: thanks, those comments help.

    Stefanie, I’m not sure about my insurance. I am in limbo between HOH and Deaf Enough. I’ve been evaluated twice, and though many people at my level of db loss have qualified, my speech recognition is still too good.

    Velma, thanks: this IS the technology.

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