That massive restructuring I wrote about two and a half weeks ago?  Barely begun.  Unexpected things emerged, good but unresolved, requiring my attention.  And tomorrow’s continued warm weather mandates a day in the garden, a different sort of restructuring.  I laughed out loud when I read this post of Aimee’s; I feel the same way about not having paid for this weather, and I also didn’t quite trust the first few warm days.  But the crocuses and other wee shoots are proof that, even if there’s a relapse into the winter we didn’t have, spring is determinedly on its way. I need a day in the garden for more than a celebration of warmth; life right now parallels what’s happening out there.  I cast out a few random seeds over the winter, and some of them are sprouting, but I won’t know till later in the season which will thrive.