Feeling the heat

I went to Zia for the opening of Anne Hughes‘ lovely show; it was great.  Anne is the director, and she keeps samples of all the gallery artists’ works installed in their back rooms. This is her placement of Zia’s inventory of (S)Edition – which I loved.

2012, at least this first part of it, has become both a slow, plodding waiting game and a breathless, relentless scramble to keep up with far too many enterprises.  It’s also extremely odd in terms of weather: a string of 80 degree days we’re currently in the middle of.  I’m trying very hard not to think about how the summer will be if this is early spring. Last week I learned that my physical therapy exercises definitely need to be maintained lifelong. Backsliding (as I did in January and February) is more damaging than the original problem.  Now I’m trying hard to re-incorporate it into my copious workload, and to find ways to keep up while on the road. Tomorow, I head to Iowa very early in the morning and back again in the afternoon, and, well: one can’t do PT while in the driver’s seat, and I’ll be in that position a lot this summer.