The heat intensifies…

‘You Never Know #1’ – Melissa Jay Craig, kozo drawing, 2012, 18″ x 13″

(Same below on a different background)

As of yesterday, I am a finalist for two different, conflicting opportunities. There are only four possible outcomes: (1) I receive one, (2) I get both and need to choose, (3) I get neither and fall back on a solid plan C, or (4) something totally unexpected occurs.  In the meantime,  I am still working relentlessly on three projects that all seem absolutely  endless in spite of their deadlines, and Chicago is the warmest location in the nation today at a projected 86 degrees. I’m fine with it all.

Things are heating up over at Women’s Studio Workshop as well; this year’s benefit auction goes live at noon today!  I warmly thank them for this lovely shout-out (the feeling is utterly mutual), and you are just a few clicks away from owning this lovely kozo drawing while supporting one of the finest supporters of artists – particularly women artists – there is. Go for it!  I hope the bidding is hot, hot, hot till April 5th.