Where else do you keep ’em?  A spot of protection against canine antics last weekend, the last day I was mobile, while a friend made paper and her sweet dog and Lupe tore around the house and yard together.

Ugh. Popping in to explain lack o’ blog: our outdoor temperatures dropped back to a more normal spring but my own decided to rise, and I’ve been knocked flat with some respiratory thing since Monday. I thought it was better when I woke today but am going back to bed immediately after publishing. Not good for all the projects but not much I can do about it either. Still Waiting for Words as well as waiting to be able to function again. At least this 3-now-into-4 day sleeping marathon keeps me from impatience, even if it keeps me from everything else.  Be well out there.

I may be down, but Himself has finally recovered enough to return to the wood shop after way too long: these are now gorgeously finished with several coats of real (not water-based) sealant, and as soon as I’m better, they get their blue poly mesh. They are sitting on my cherished wee Mother Dwarf Smith cabinet.

5 thoughts on “(______)

  1. wow! they look GREAT. bummer about being knocked down like that but better now and not when you have to be on the road/teaching. thinking of you!

  2. Is that a Mother Dwarf beneath your stretchers or frames in the bottom foto?

    Hope you be healthy . . . you’ve already had more than your share of body problems.

  3. Thanks, everyone…I am cautiously optimistic today (a day later), I think it’s been pushed back to a Bad Cold now.

    Jo & Smith, that is indeed Mother Dwarf…I’ve added a link. Meant to do that yesterday but I was not too swift, also published the post without a title and had to go back and add a non-title…I love that table.

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