A page from the beautiful ‘Bacon Eats Books’ by Sarah Lee & Jessica Wright

NOW it is spring, for I have Eaten Books.

‘Materia Medic-yum’ by Heather L.G. Bella

Whatever I had in my system last week caused me to sleep for four entire days; I finally arose, cautiously optimistic, on Friday, and on Saturday all was well, enough for me to shop for ingredients and then cook a book (not without amusing oven-explosion type mishaps) until late in the evening.

Eat Your Words, Evanston Print and Paper’s first ever Edible Books celebration yesterday was superb, well-attended, and appropriately accompanied by co-proprietor Eileen Madden’s lovely graphic sense and wicked good humor on all the letterpress printed acoutrements (not to mention her entry, “A Pail of Two Zities” which was just that, and delicious). Excellent!

‘War & Peeps’ by Lily Madden

Today’s photos are just a wee taste of my favourites, shot when I wasn’t busy talking or eating; there were lots more, with puns (and peeps) abounding.

‘Cookie in Death, by JD Robb’ by Martha Chiplis

Marnie Galloway’s hilarious (and superbly tasty) ‘Les Miserapples’ – featuring ‘Jean Valjean (with a bit of bread), Cosette (a far too sweet white chocolate), Inspector Javert (a bitter dark chocolate) and M. & Mme Thenardier (nutty!)

And, below is mine. Now, it’s back to the Lost Week’s even more ridiculously backed-up projects on top of this week’s regularly scheduled projects. I needed to eat a few good books to fortify myself for that!