Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I am still waiting for a decision which has the potential to cause me to make some large decisions; while I wait, I must delay making other decisions in deference to that decision.  This is causing some concerns for those waiting for my decisions. The only remedy would be to make a decision not to wait for that decision and then, perhaps, need to cancel earlier decisions.  It’s becoming decidedly vexing.

Meanwhile, I have made decisions on the refurbishing front: I have software and hosting for the new web site. I test-drove several allegedly idiot-proof software samples before deciding on one; it gave me less of some things I wanted, but more of other features I needed. I’ll miss the look of the iWeb site, as this is more template-y and less flexible in page formatting, but the end result will be cleaner and much easier to navigate, to maintain and to be viewed on mobile gizmos.  I’m building away, making decision after decision, and hoping when it’s finally launched, you’ll think my decisions were good ones. (Today’s photos will be part of the site; they were design-problem-solving decisions).

It’s lovely that there’s one sure thing I don’t have to think twice about: sending HUGE congratulations to Aimee Lee! Hooray!

3 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    • Thanks, that means a lot coming from you, O Coder.

      But it’s going away, soon to be replaced with the one I’m now building, which will be cleaner and more logical. I haven’t been able to update my site since last June because of the hard drive crash, and Mac is (a) no longer going to host sites and (b) discontinuing the iWeb software that I built it with. So there will be a new site with new URL.

      I am trying to keep *some* of the look / feel of the old site.

  1. thank you!! i just got back and am only half w/my head put back on but i hear you about getting used to your old site. i don’t look forward to when i have to get a new one, either. and i also hear you about the decisions and waiting and vexation! but you are so very good at persevering.

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