In the past few days I have, among other things:

  •             Been rejected.
  •             Received a wonderful, singular honor (on the same day).
  •             Estimated taxes and mailed forms.
  •             Gotten info, images, etc. out for two shows.
  •             Acquired three years’ space on the web.
  •             Registered a new domain.
  •             Built the tiresome text-based half of my new site.
  •             Begun reading a rather excellent manuscript.
  •             Made sketches and plans for three new pieces.

Today I walked away from everything and got my hair chopped, learned a few new, excellent tricks to tame it, and then spent time in the forest preserve, visiting spring.  The shy early wildflowers were out, pleasing me to no end. It made me recall a comment by one of those people who describe themselves as friends, but make me wonder: “Spring happens every year!  Get over it!” No. No matter how many years I spend on this planet, I hope I will never get over it. It’s an annual miracle, and there aren’t enough miracles, until you slow down enough to notice them. Noticing is celebrating.

Out there in another fantastic part of the world, the waiting list for my Women’s Studio Workshop class has grown into an already nearly full second session, to be held the week before the original: July 2-6. I can’t think of a better place to celebrate summer…and paper!

3 thoughts on “Greening

  1. SO fabulous about WSW! i love that you get to go back and teach on a regular basis. it sounds like you have gotten insane amounts of work done. but the most exciting part is the hair taming, only b/c velma and i had talked the other day about the same topic. it’s good to know that there is always MORE to learn (though i suspect my hair will always be a few steps ahead of me, for life). yay for spring!

  2. Thanks! It will be fabulous to be at WSW for two consecutive weeks, too.
    (ps – now, two days later, I am back to my usual Heilan Coo look, after a sincere but unsuccessful attempt to duplicate said Hair Taming

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