Yikes, it’s May!  Me Dot Com has one gallery up, a wee sampling of work.  Now I have GOT to tackle some 900 backed-up real-world projects (and try to get more galleries up in the evenings). The number of things I need to finish in six weeks is staggering, and includes finally getting the fall schedule nailed down. To that end, another decision came in; this time I’m the one who will probably need to turn it down. There’s one more I’m trying to be patient about; it’s been in play since January, and is now reaching mayday proportions, as whether or not I’ll attempt to attend this hinges upon it. It’s the penultimate piece of my intricate fall puzzle.

The Beaten and Bound portion of this is something I’ve been working on in since January as well, in fluctuating capacities. Originally I was co-curator, but for various reasons, a while ago I made a difficult decision: to withdraw from that position and just continue to work behind the scenes. If you are in the area over the summer, it will be a Very Good Show, a gathering of a number of stellar artists working in paper or with books (the image on the left is a detail of Doug Beube‘s Fault Lines).  I’ll be involved in its installation as well, in (gulp) three short weeks. Now: back to work!