The onion family represents each May, not always where I expect them to be.

I am so, so, so busy, and I seriously doubt that things will slow down at all before I leave town. Much of what I’m currently doing involves words, so much so that I have none left over for this space. Hence, blahg neglect: I’m just plain boring at the moment. Maybe things will become at least visually interesting as the work shifts into the physical realm in a few days (though, alas, it won’t be the studio. Not yet. Sigh.)

The web site now has one gallery up in each category. I am somewhat relieved to have an enforced hiatus while 210 slides are being professionally scanned. The fantastic Jen Thomas yesterday alerted me to the fact that the images from the site have been excerpted on Tumblr: I just have to love the title of the originating blog. A fat bunch of Google alerts tells me it’s spreading around from there.  There’s something very satisfactory about the way it’s moving, as if the (S)Edition books had released digital spores. That and the garden have me trying hard to think of all this boring work I’m doing in the same way: these efforts will eventually sprout into unimpeded studio time and many other (perhaps unforeseen) good things.

The very best, tastiest chive patch, which appeared years ago in a crack in the concrete, thrives, and refuses to be moved.

5 thoughts on “Concatenation

  1. MMM, chives! i feel badly that so many thousands of the words come from me. but hopefully that will pass soon. yay for the spores spreading rampantly!

  2. Bookmarked yr new site. Very well done. Clean, interesting. I’ve decided you’re going to become famous with your art and I’m going to become infamous with the memoir.

  3. Thanks, everyone! (Aimee, those weren’t your words I was writing about; yours were anything but tedious). Smith, much appreciate the comment about the site, especially from you! Velma: mmmmm lichens….

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