Missing in (a lot of) Action

Busy, busy, busybusybusy.  The physical-realm restructuring has begun in relentless earnest, and it will be constant before I leave, and occasionally absolutely insane as my deadline for completion of various tasks strives to jive with others who are taking part in the process.  Not to mention four other deadlines built-in. It’s intense but ultimately excellent; freeing.  Tonight and tomorrow I take an enjoyable break, to finish up a long-overdue project for an old friend, who I thank for her patience. That is, after shipping out work to the first of nine (or a dozen, depending on whether or not I get specific projects finished) exhibitions before the end of the year. As I was packing, I realized that I’ve just ended the only time period – slightly over three weeks – during 2012 when my work wasn’t / isn’t in a show.  Yes, busy.  Sorry, blog. But hopefully things will become interesting when I begin my travels oh so soon…

3 thoughts on “Missing in (a lot of) Action

  1. you seem to be on top of things, and to have so much work out for so much time, well, i’m amazed. are you as excited as i am about a certain manuscript?

  2. Thanks, ladies. Velma, I see I have been successful at producing an illusion of competency :).
    I am indeed very excited about that manuscript!

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