I hopped the South Shore Line to Michigan City to collaborate on the layout of the Beaten and Bound show yesterday; with the help of a fantastic crew, we got it unpacked (carefully documenting as we did), laid out in the gorgeous space, and almost all installed before I had to make a mad dash to catch the evening return train.

If you are near Chicago this summer, I highly, highly recommend it: 38 21st-century works by 13 excellent book / paper artists: Doug Beube, Beatrice Coron, Brian Dettmer, Andrea Deszo, Lesley Dill, Dawn Gettler, Richard Minsky, Audrey Niffenegger, Pamela Paulsrud, Andrea Peterson, Shawn Sheehy, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Buzz Spector. The show runs all summer, from May 26 – August 26.


I’m just plain happy, that blissful, singularly Ragdalian state of happiness, to be participating in this:

I’ll have a bit of an exhibition in the beloved Meadow Studio and will be contributing a demonstration with fiber harvested from the Meadow as well. There are tons of Ragdale artists, writers and performers participating, but the beautifully renovated / restored Ragdale House will be the star; here’s a lovely video view.

The celebration will be tinged with a slight bit of personal sadness, because it will also be a sort-of farewell to Susan Page Tillett in her 12-year role as Executive Director.  What she has accomplished for us all during that time is astounding, and she will be sorely missed. But I plan to also celebrate her stellar achievements, and to wish her the very best on her new, well-deserved journey (and a bit of R & R as well).


My personal Enormous Restructuring Project continues expeditiously: most of the circulating artwork has now moved from the old, soon-to-be-abandoned storage space to its new (recently completed) home at home; other works and bits and pieces are slated to travel to more new homes in museums, university collections and community arts organizations next week; web pages are steadily being built in the evenings, and, during the nearly five hours spent commuting on els and trains or waiting for them yesterday, I wrote the first draft of a grant on my phone. Whew!