Things, Images, Words

I am dealing with all of the above in rather huge quantities, relentlessly. My mail art archive from the 70’s to the mid-80s, along with a pile of ‘zines, went off to live at the Joan Flasch Collection at my alma mater today, and a DVD with the scanned images of a huge pile of slides arrived. I am quite pleased with the results, and on top of that, the folks at SlidesToDigital have been absolutely great to deal with. I definitely recommend them if your practice, like mine, has spanned the 35mm to digital eras (and oh, I do not miss slides, not one bit). Check out the results:

Old scan

New scan – as is, without color correction or any manipulation. 

So now it’s site-finishing in major earnest on top of the stuff-shifting, on top of the writing. But this afternoon, I threw it all to the winds, or rather to the pleasant breezes of a perfect day, and weeded the already outrageously overgown gardens.  21 tritoma blooms so far, peonies, roses, hollyhocks, volunteer marigolds and clematis are all playing at the moment, with the early daylilies and yucca just about to step onstage. Sweet.

Getting back to things, images and words, I keep forgetting to say that, like many, many friends and colleagues, I have a few books in this book: it’s out now. I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but sitting down and feasting my eyes when I do will be another sweet break. It’s a grand gathering.

(This is the Japanese edition; there’s one in English too!)

2 thoughts on “Things, Images, Words

  1. hey, thanks for the input on the slides to digital thing. i hesitate to even remember pre-digital…and great about your mail art archive…i participated about 1/zillionth of most as i was training kids and milking goats then. it was nifty to visit you deep inside the thousand. mine copy came even though i’d cancelled my order! ha!

  2. You are welcome! They really have been great.

    I admit it: I haven’t even ordered my thousand yet. I am eagerly awaiting those ‘deep discount’ instructions that are supposed to be on their way to us soon.

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