May coda

Oh. My. Oh. My. Oh. You don’t want to know what these past few days have been like.  But: the web site is finished! Finished!  Except for a lot of meta-tag tweaking; and then, in the fall, a lot more artwork to be photographed and added, oh, and a links page.  During the last three days, in particular, I kept thinking, “Ye gods, I have made somuchwork!” but the truly scary part is that only a percentage is on the site…

 Ironically, the thing I really want – no, need – to do now is to get into the studio and make more: get my hands dirty, make something tactile and tangible, work my body, smell the fiber, touch…yes, the site is a Good Thing, and artists have to live with virtual reality now, but I have just spent way, way, way too much time in it. Enough.

Now, except for oh, a day of more writing, my body will definitely be worked in the (yet again and always, frantic) run-up to the summer teaching road trip that begins in exactly one week. During the web building blitz, Arrowmont called to say my class was full, and did I want to find an assistant?  Serendipity brought the lovely Heather LG Bella to the rescue again; in fact, she was already headed that way.  So, we’ll get to repeat our Penland alliance at Arrowmont, woohoo!

Here’s the skinny on how I’ll spend a good part of tomorrow (which also brings the evening reception for Beaten and Bound) and especially Sunday: what’s happening and who’s doing it at the fabulous Ragdale Day. So many friends, and the weather is supposed to be great: another fine antidote for the past week.

Last but not least, in fact one of the best: I am giving myself a total, indulgent treat after the teaching road trip. I’m heading back to Cleveland in mid-August to take Aimee Lee’s class at the Morgan.  Friends! Hanji! Hands! Hooray!

Working with my hands, 1984. Found in the big box of photos I dug out of storage to scan some for the site.  Haven’t opened it in 15 years (ignore the cigarette):