Arrowmont Redux

Karen Hardy –  Jake Weigel

I’ve been trying to find the best way to show some of the work that happened at Arrowmont. Everyone in the class gave me permission to post their work, but there are hundreds of photos.

Linda Kossmann – Martha Olson

I tried narrowing it to one photo each, and that was a shame, so instead, I’ve made an album with at least two photos of each person’s work. The album is here, but it is still only a tiny, tiny portion of what was made.

Cathy Mills – Josephine Faulk

Some folks focused intently on one or two projects, others on a larger project with multiple components, and others experimented wildly; to me, that mix makes an incomparably satisfactory class, an exciting, vibrant one.

Summer Carmack – Kelly McGrath

If you click on an image in the album, you can see a progression of images with the artists’ names.  Betsy Patten was working on what will become her Senior Project installation this fall at George Mason University, an undersea environment. Recent grad (soon to be full-time faculty) Naomi Adams experimented freely, as did Kelly McGrath, using multiple techniques alone and in combination; so did Cathy Mills, Noel Tillman, Martha Olsen and Josephine Faulk, who were all making individual transitions from 2D to 3D (Josephine made the. best. stuffed. armature. I have seen to date).  Sculpture grad Jake Weigel made multiple structures as well, many by combining steel wool and overbeaten abaca, some containing magnets.  Summer Carmak made vessels, concentrating on a large teapot; Linda Kossman also made a large and lovely vessel and some smaller works, embellished with materials she’d brought along.  Karen Hardy, a grad from University of the Arts, worked diligently on her ‘spores’ and their environment (which, you know, I just have to love) and BFA student Emma Roeder delighted us all by making a beautiful, resonant kalimba with the cooperation of the wood and metals studios (as well as a group of oddly charming insects).  Lovely, hardworking Heather LG Bella actually was able to find time to make multiple experiments as well, and even I got a few projects started during the final two days. It was, as I say, a stellar experience. I thank everyone at Arrowmont, but especially the fantastic folks in the class, for making it so.  Enjoy the wee sampling of their work!

Below, top: Betsy Patten – Noel Tillman; bottom: Naomi Adams, Emma Roeder

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