In the fast lane, out of sight

My new, favorite Teaching Photo, taken by Karen Hardy.  Not sure which I like best, the appropriation of her artwork, or the final-day Arrowmont class schedule on the board.

Busy busy busy again, making these few days at home count. Have upgraded everything on computer and phone -which took an entire day! – and am now Lion-ed and iClouded and software-updated, o my. I’ve found and documented a few more altered books, which necessitated a new gallery on the web site as well.

Dealing with the physical storage space in earnest (which reveals more soon-to-be dispersed, artwork-I-forgot-I-had daily), nailing down show details, details of other upcoming ventures (i.e., paperwork, electronic paperwork and paper work), not being social at all (sadly), missing shows I’d like to see, but cranking it all out. And so it will continue till I leave again in a week or less, for two full classes at WSW and a well-populated one at the Morgan, huzzah!

I’m honored to be part of this upcoming show at Woman Made Gallery, though slightly sad that I won’t be in town for the opening reception; read a bit about Woman Made’s mission, past and anniversary here.  It will make you feel good.

20th Anniversary Exhibition: Twenty Jurors

The invitational exhibition includes work by 20 jurors of past WMG group exhibitions. 

Laura Anderson Barbata, Karen Bondarchuk, Whitney Bradshaw, Cat Chow, Pritika Chowdhry, Melissa Jay Craig, Barbara Crane, Colette Gaiter, Fujiko Isomura, Indira Freitas Johnson, Julie Karabenick, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Yolanda Lopez, Leah Oates, Betsy Odom, Monica Ong, Catherine Blackwell Pena, Corinne D. Peterson, Mary Stoppert, Kathleen Waterloo

Exhibition Dates: July 13 – August 16, 2012

Detail of The Building Of Our Nation (altered book). I thought it was hilarious back when I made the piece, and still do, especially in relation to my current to-do list.

2 thoughts on “In the fast lane, out of sight

  1. HAHA! that photo is super. RAY HOO for those updates! that’s a biggie. sounds like the work is chugging along; wish i could join you for the morgan class but grateful you are joining me for mine 🙂

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