Stuff, and not enough Nonsense

Arrowmont sent a lovely (paper, non-electronic) postcard image of my class, with the URL of their Flickr site on the back.

Yesterday, we went way Beyond Busy into Total Exhaustion. Assisted by Paul The Brave, who went above and beyond the call of partnership, I finally freed myself of the major storage space albatross just ahead of yet another rent hike. (The old facility was more crowded than I have ever seen it, with a whole lot of others moving out).

It became apparent during the week, as the house began to fill, that I couldn’t entirely jettison external storage in this time frame, so we rented a van and took one large load to a recycling center and others to a much smaller, much cleaner, less than 1/3 the cost space at another facility even closer to home, and, yes, brought more stuff home, where we will just be a bit overcrowded until our Very Odd Yard sale at the end of the summer.  Earlier this week, stuff went out to two community arts organizations, and yesterday began with a pickup from a sweet curator (it was his birthday!) of stuff that went to a museum (which helped offset the angst of sending other parts of an installation I loved but will never exhibit again to recycling.)

I am mightily, mightily tired of stuff and yet still crave, above all else, time to make more stuff.

Today, deliver work to this show (I’m sad I will miss the opening), address a mile-long list of little wrap-up tasks, laundry, packing, loading the car in the evening when it’s cooler, a good sleep, and out the door early in the morning heading for Women’s Studio Workshop, then the Morgan. But first, I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening chilling with the Smiths!  It’ll be my first bit of actual relaxation (except for the time spent writing this report). And hopefully we will make some (at least) verbal nonsense together; it’s tradition.

I’m pleased to say that there’s a wee interview about (S)Edition coming out soon by  Akeem K. Duncan at Quiet Lunch Magazine, probably while I’m on the road.

3 thoughts on “Stuff, and not enough Nonsense

  1. i don’t envy the storage situation but am so glad to hear so many solutions coming from it! funny about the stuff accumulation + desire to continue making stuff. makes me think a little bit about wall-e. safe travels!!

  2. The nice thing about being homeless is the inability to accumulate much in the way of “stuff” but also not having a studio in which to create more “stuff”….

    At least I’m not going anywhere for seven weeks, in which time I will make some “stuff” and think about the next concepts for “different stuff.”

    (That being said, there’s a whole heap of mental “stuff” going on about all the other “stuff” of life.)


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