All this, and Lunch

Written June 30: I am at Women’s Studio Workshop (ahhh!), writing this to publish tomorrow while I wait to become sleepy, not just tired. I am staying in the Atwood House apartment, which is a great, comfortable space; its sole drawback is fluctuating wireless, currently at zero.

I will need one.

It was a not-unpleasant drive, split into two segments with a good solid night of luxurious relaxing and conversation at the House of Smith, between. We did have some nonsense, laughs, and tales, and good food, and we caught up on the things we don’t blog or send out on social media. We discussed the act of not publishing, too.

That was very, very good for me; long hours driving are also long quiet hours for thinking. Talking with friends, particularly those you have known forever, brings added, trusted perspectives to mull over.

Here are two of the many things I thought about for miles and miles today:

  1. On and off, for the past few weeks, I’ve been writing and re-re-editing a post that I haven’t published.  It has to do with once being told that I would ‘never eat lunch in this town again’ (though the actual words were: ‘I will destroy you’).  The post was sparked by spuriously twisted written ‘information’, showing me that that particular destructive effort is still ongoing. Yes, it disturbed me. Though I did eventually write a piece that was sufficiently vague yet still pointed, talking with both Smithfriends confirmed that the uneasy gut reaction that kept me from posting it was wise. Even before I reached the Catskills, I decided that addressing the issue at all would simply draw that sick, malicious energy back into my life. No. Enough.
  2. In Cleveland, I learned that my Morgan class is full, with a waiting list.  That makes it unanimous: I’m playing to SRO audiences in every class this summer! (Pats self on back). The number of grads from degree programs around the country is much higher than ever before, which pleases me to no end, because it continues a vital quality of exchange that I’ve been missing; and the dialogue is even richer than it was before, because the classes are also filled with teachers at all levels, and established artists as well, with fascinating, varied contributing perspectives. Excellent. And much, much better to think about.

As if to validate my decision, as soon as I arrived and hooked up to some live wireless, a link to this piece was in the mail.  Though I still think it makes me sound much cooler than I actually am, I cannot help but be delighted that the publication’s title is Quiet Lunch, and this is a tasty slice of it, the cherry on top of a Good Decision. (Thank you, QL!).

June 1st: And now: quiet time in the lovely cool studio, beating fiber and liesurely setting up for what I know will be a grand session (or rather the first of two grand sessions). And thinking about how sweet it is when the trip is a return one. Cleveland, WSW, the Morgan: all different types of homes for me. And thinking about making new homes, as well. And also, appropriately, eating lunch. Right now.

A few stories begun at Arrowmont. To be continued here…

2 thoughts on “All this, and Lunch

  1. so glad you resisted the suck into the void though i am ALSO disturbed that such an effort would be going on in the first place. people! people. YAY for the writeup! and overflowing classes! pats on the back from me, too.^^

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