Nuts! (Good and not so)

Seriously nuts for 3D!  L to R, front: Stephanie, Jackie; back: Joyce, me, Lisa, Barbara, Ceci, Laurie; tres chic cast kozo  eyewear made for us all by Lisa.

Whooo, what a week!  A 99% fantastic one, jam-packed and intense and vibrant.  My first WSW class ended tonight and it was fabuuuulous, seriously so.  I’ll post some of the work as soon as I can, but I was disappointed to see a lot of blurry images in my collection when I downloaded them tonight. This was another stellar class: six motivated, engaged, innovative and freely-experimenting women who all got along wonderfully well with each other and with me.  I am feeling mighty lucky this summer; the folks who are coming out to classes are superb!

The tiny insect in the balm of the week was an odd experience I haven’t had in years and years, and hope not to have again. At lunch yesterday, I took a small spoonful of a tasty rice-based salad, ate a couple of bites and then saw: A Peanut. And then Another.  I have That Allergy, something that came on suddenly and violently many years ago with full-blown anaphylactic shock, causing me to grocery shop at a snail’s pace from then on, reading each and every label, and to be annoying at restaurants and parties, but successfully avoiding any hazardous encounters till yesterday. I saw The Peanut and thought, ‘O NO!’ and then, ‘Well, maybe the allergy ‘s gone after all this time, and anyways I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually eat one…’  But no; I now know the allergy is still there, and mere proximity of peanuts to something consumed will produce a milder but un-ignorable reaction.  I had to leave the class to fend for itself (which they did admirably) while I knocked back some full-strength Benadryl which knocked me flat on my back for the entire afternoon into early evening. I escaped with a couple hits on my inhaler, room-spinning dizziness, itchy swollen eyes, a bout of hives, and hours of antihistamine coma…followed by a full recovery but a seriously disrupted sleep schedule, which is why I’m telling you this.

That’s why I’m going to bed instead of posting photos and raving about my class and WSW (everyone here was wonderful, helpful, understanding and concerned) the way they all so richly deserve. Maybe tomorrow, OK? Goodnight!