Home, Town, Cleveland

Peace everywhere, especially here.

The weather has cooled considerably but the pace heats up as of today; tons of prep to finish.  I’m spending quiet last moments at Smith Central as the dryer works on my laundry, then I move to Tom’s to the Fainting Couch (which I have yet to see), a ton of prep and studio set-up, an opening, and a full class in the morning.

5lbs kozo, 5 abaca…

This baby is almost ready to go: 20 lbs!

Cleveland treasure: the view from Cindy’s porch.

For the transit of Venus.

It’s been so, so good to have this sweet, not-rushed hometown interlude, and time to get some of the prep out of the way, and to visit with new folks, people I’ve known for 30 years and more, and a town I’ve known for more years than I care to name.  Many many thanks to Smith & Lady, Cindy, Jeff and DCB, and to all the Morganites. And here we go.

Cleveland treasure.

This floor in the beautiful new bindery space is done; here it was yesterday morning.

Kozo cooking (and later rinsed) in the fresh rainwater.

These are for all of us.

And now…

3 thoughts on “Home, Town, Cleveland

  1. this is so soothing! i LOVE having ample prep/personal time before teaching in a place. it’s so rare but sooooo helpful. that bindery! i can’t wait to see how it is coming along next month. enjoy, enjoy, all of it!

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