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As I get older, it takes me a bit longer to recuperate from teaching trips but I still want (very much) to do them. I already have some excellent 2013 classes booked!

These two shots are Before The Weeding that just took place…

After a few days’ readjustment (which, for me, means No Schedule and No Alarm Clock) I’ve been working on the Task List slowly but surely: unpacked until fall residencies, almost done with one written interview, and have gotten two new entries published on MakerCentric, one about WSW (and its exciting news) and another about new stuff at the Morgan.

I love every ever-changing aspect of these Nigella plants, which originally came to me from Jeff Chiplis’ Cleveland garden years ago; they thrive here.

I’ve worked a bit more creating space in the clogged-with-eventual-yard-sale-stuff house, and on getting the studios set back up.

Cleveland-in-Chicago kozo! Just for reference, the peak of the curved fence behind it to the right is 8 feet. When I put it in the ground last year it was 6″ high.

I’ve also spent a day, pleasantly, working in the gardens (where I discovered I need to move some volunteer plants even though it’s not exactly the optimum season, which commits me for another day or two). I’m trying to be smart now, by scheduling two days in the fall for cleanup and seeding for spring, and scheduling a week in the spring for (hopefully) the last of the major plant moves, switching out several species from shade to sun and vice versa. And, most importantly: after a lot of discussion with the folks at the Morgan, I’ve written in my first fall kozo harvest! Already! Exciting!

Tom’s personal Cleveland garden-in-progress (phone shot).

I missed a lot of my favourite blooms while I was on the road: the purple coneflower, many of the lilies, including my favourite red ones, primroses, the dark purple liatrus bottle-brushes. It’s just a Chicago city lot, but the gardens give me such peace; they ARE home.  Visiting everyone else’s gardens on my travels is another stabilizing feature, and I realized in Tom’s lovely urban garden space that, though I am in Chicago, my gardens are rooted in Cleveland.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cleveland style, Chicago architectural bits: home.

4 thoughts on “Homes & Gardens

  1. LOVE this post. the makercentric posts were great, too! i am jealous of your ability to come home in between and recharge in the garden but WOW that kozo!! it’s just doing it’s thing. yay for good 2013 gigs; i will be sharing your work now that i’ve started teaching this class.

  2. You remind me of my Aunt Norma who for 3 years played piano for Lawrence Welk when he toured — she was Plant Woman, Earth Mother . . . probably my coolest relative..

  3. Thanks, everyone! I *am* happy in the garden, and with the garden: almost as important as the studio, especially as a foil for the city…

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