Great DisContent, Great Read

Man, God and Magic – Brian Dettmer

Google Alerts just brought in a fantastic interview with Brian Dettmer.  I thank him hugely for the shout-out, but more importantly, I also agree wholeheartedly with just about everything he says here about books, being an artist and finding your own way. It’s an excellent read, heartening for young artists especially. Enjoy (and internalize)! (Here’s to being ‘stubborn and delusional’.)

7 thoughts on “Great DisContent, Great Read

  1. Thanks all.
    (Though I’ve known Brian for years, we met after he began to make the work he’s known for. I never realized that he was aware of my work early on until he said so in his talk at the Art of the Book in the 21st Century symposium in Delaware last year).

  2. This was a fantastic interview, thanks for sharing. I recently started working with books in my own artwork, and its great to see what others doing something similarly are thinking.

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