It was an odd week, but it’s done, and I am now in Cleveland at dear friend Cindy’s comfortable Compound, anticipating Aimee’s class in a few hours! I got in last night after a dreary rainy drive for humans, but a good one for the thirsty land between Illinois and Ohio. It was so easy to pack up to be a student; so strange to have almost nothing in the car. During the drive, and again this morning, watching the dawn come up over Lake Erie, I tried to remember when the last time was that I did something like this, took a trip just for myself, to do something that I wanted to do just because I wanted to do it, and the last I can remember was 2008, taking a few days on the way back from Jentel to spend a day in the Bighorns and another in the Badlands (even Scotland that year, as beautiful as it was, was a grant-funded research trip).

That’s…sad. So I am making some resolutions. And later today, I will be attempting to make some hanji, something I have wanted to try since Aimee shared this. Good for me!

One thought on “Dawning

  1. i need to do the same! do something for myself. in the meantime, a big THANK YOU for coming out on this trip! it was so great to see you and teach you and share dinner two nights in a row (bacon and all)!!

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