A Most Happy Student

I had a fabulous time learning to make hanji – or to be truthful, in my case, a vaguely hanji-like material.  What I gained technically was experiential knowledge of what is needed, if not (yet) the ability to execute, which I call a considerable success for a weekend workshop. It is, as Aimee warned us, much more difficult than it looks.

But: I am totally enamored of even the crude sheets that I made, especially those that were textured while wet via the joomchi process: SO incredibly strong and tactile!  I am now determined to work out a way to make what I will probably only be able to call ‘hanjish’ at home. (Seriously, after the drive home, I spent large chunks of yesterday evening just fondling those paper strips).

I did relish joomchi (I knew I would) and I am jumping right into that; the second bit of in-class messing about with it (above) solved a current problem for me, beautifully.

This was one of my favorite pieces of Aimee’s luscious woven samples, done entirely with bark thread.

Jiseung, the results of which I admire immensely, appealed less. (I knew that would happen). I have so many weaving, spinning, knitting and crocheting friends, whose works can astound me, but the actions of making them are just Not My Thing.

This lovely (and charmingly goofy, because it’s silver) little piece was an unexpected and treasured gift; and my students will now be able to see and handle some jiseung. Thanks, Aimee! I did do a tiny beginning sample of the weaving with cords and thread, to tape into my sketchbook just in case. That’s the mark of a great class (or lecture) for me, when I want to immediately preserve all the information, whether or not I see myself using it.

My hat is off to Aimee as a fantastic, thorough teacher. I knew that would be true too, but it was grand – and, for me, poignant – to experience being her student first-hand.

I’ll follow up with more on the super weekend soon, but right now I need to go do some joomchi!

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