The water’s fine.

Joomchi test, double-sided.

It was good to be me this week.  I had a sweet wee residency at home.  Not only did I spend almost every day in the studios, I somehow was able to finally put aside all Issues Pertaining To Home and The Outside World, and: think.  And live in the work, as if I were in the Meadow Studio.  Two new bookworks were enhanced and expanded with joomchi, not just the one I originally intended; one of those and a third evolved into something completely different, much better than planned. The best day was when it all came together beautifully as I finished the paper studio work and moved upstairs to the bindery, while Paul cooked a stellar dinner from newfound recipes.

Something like this could happen soon.

Now, three new bookworks are documented, packed, and on their way to Austin. I’m still not quite back in the world of words, so here is a bit of my week as it evolved.  It was grand. I thought you might like it too.

A narrative.

Another begins.


The rhythm.


Wet, transparent verso.

Processed and reprocessed, still strong enough to stand on its own. Hanji love.

Beautiful, tough anomaly; takes my breath away. More hanji love.

Fore edge. Dyes. Old and new at once.

Something else, late at night.

Up to the bindery: soft rainy light.

The energy is different here…

but it fluctuates.

Tools everywhere.

Window abaca wave, waiting.