Some quick Friday updates & links:

I’ve published images of new work in a new gallery on the site!

You can also see some of that work, specifically these pieces, in Paper III at Gallery Shoal Creek, if you happen to be in Austin, Texas. Paper III is opening tonight and showing until September 22nd.

I’ve been honored by artist Laurie LeBreton, who named me as an inspiration for her lovely installation River Song, featured in Inspired By: Celebrating Illinois Women Artists, opening tonight and running through September 27 at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.

River Song by Laurie LeBreton

Last but not least, congratulations to Velma Bolyard: here is her great tutorial on making kitchen daylily paper in Hand / Eye magazine!

3 thoughts on “Opening…

  1. well, thanks, melissa! keith wanted a how-to a while back and it had to be do-able by his little girl! i’m going to look at the new photo gallery now!

  2. oh, it’s fine to see the new work, those lovely bookworks especially, all about growth and greening and full of surprises! lovely!

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