A small attempt

Finally!  Paul jettisoned his uncomfortable old couch…

I’m trying to come back; really I am. But I am still experiencing strange blogging ennui and absolutely needed that two-week break. A lot went on here at home: a major thing that took up a whole lot of time was a fairly massive clearing out of studios and home storage spaces between both Paul and myself. That culminated in a monster yard sale a week ago; it was only a beginning (but a good one), to make room for much more solidified future plans.

…and I got rid of these.  All found new homes at a lovely local cafe, so we can go sit on them if we want, and have great coffee.

…and I spent (quite a bit of) time firming up the details of the final four shows of the year.  Now I have a few days to retrofit the freed spaces temporarily, plus move and/or ship a lot of artwork around for said shows, before leaving on a two month span of: residency, conference, residency. Nonetheless, I hope to be back to blogging shortly with WAY overdue book reviews and backed-up Tales From The Outside World.

(Oddly, readership hasn’t tapered off much during my absence.  Thank you …)

Below: ready for harvest during the six days I am home in the next 2 months.

We are experiencing.

I’m still not one for words, going through a period of keyboard silence.  It’s not writer’s block; I’m communicating fine privately. Nor is it busy-ness, though I am, as usual, busy. It’s more like I’ve lost my public voice for a bit, while deeply internal seismic shifts, some having to do with integrating past and present, finally settle into new places.  Maybe, down the road, these will be translated into words. I’m working on it, but it’s not quite working, yet – and the quiet work is utilizing the energy usually expended on the ‘I’m doing this, in this show, etcetera” posts.

Be back as soon as I can be…

Catchup barely mustered

Apologies: I simply have not been capable of blogging, or writing in general.  I will strive to rectify that. But today, even getting this wee tiny bit out is a struggle.

Yesterday, I ushered in September by installing at Art on Armitage.  If you are in Chicago, you can see it 24 / 7 until September 30th.  I opted not to have an artist’s reception and because of my current writing aversion, did not do much in the way of advance publicity, either.  Due to the U. S. holiday, it won’t show up on the gallery’s web site until Tuesday (when the statement will appear in the window as well).

Happy not-laboring weekend, yanks with jobs.