A small attempt

Finally!  Paul jettisoned his uncomfortable old couch…

I’m trying to come back; really I am. But I am still experiencing strange blogging ennui and absolutely needed that two-week break. A lot went on here at home: a major thing that took up a whole lot of time was a fairly massive clearing out of studios and home storage spaces between both Paul and myself. That culminated in a monster yard sale a week ago; it was only a beginning (but a good one), to make room for much more solidified future plans.

…and I got rid of these.  All found new homes at a lovely local cafe, so we can go sit on them if we want, and have great coffee.

…and I spent (quite a bit of) time firming up the details of the final four shows of the year.  Now I have a few days to retrofit the freed spaces temporarily, plus move and/or ship a lot of artwork around for said shows, before leaving on a two month span of: residency, conference, residency. Nonetheless, I hope to be back to blogging shortly with WAY overdue book reviews and backed-up Tales From The Outside World.

(Oddly, readership hasn’t tapered off much during my absence.  Thank you …)

Below: ready for harvest during the six days I am home in the next 2 months.

3 thoughts on “A small attempt

  1. WOW, that kozo is big. congrats on all the housecleaning! i feel you on the ennui and am glad you took the time and will continue to as you need! can’t wait to see you again in your hometown in a few weeks.

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