While I was out #2: Paper / Book

(Richard Minsky‘s column in Fine Books and Collecting actually belongs here, so I’m mentioning it again! And I still haven’t seen it…)

The Art of Handmade Paper opened, had its run, and recently closed at Featherstone Center for the Arts on Martha’s Vineyard, curated by Sandy Bernat of Seastone Papers. It looks like a lovely show; documentary photos (with slideshow option) are here.

Paper III closed at Gallery Shoal Creek in Austin, and there was good news for me!

Aimee Lee’s long-awaited new book is almost here! Huge congratulations to her! Well before my recent loss of words, I wrote a ‘blurb’ for it, and was honored to find that it has been included on the back cover. I meant every word:

“Hanji, an incredibly strong, beautiful, versatile and sustainably sourced paper, was once literally woven into the fabric of Korean lives. That wide-ranging presence is also how hanji affected Aimee Lee as she spent a Fulbright year intensively studying with some of the few remaining masters of hanji-making and its related arts. She takes us along on an intimate, comprehensive journey into this ancient, essential, humble yet noble material, from its history to its struggling present to possible paths for its future. This book is a valuable resource, a must-read not only for papermakers but for anyone interested in perpetuating honored traditions into an environmentally responsible future. Read it, and then get your hands on some hanji. You will be as enthralled with it as I am, and as grateful to Aimee and the Morgan Conservatory for bringing hanji production to this country.”  (update, 10/10: the link to the publisher’s page is now fixed)

I am also very pleased to have a quick view of (S)Edition included in The Papermaker’s Studio Guide, Helen Hiebert’s new DVD. It’s a complement to her book, The Papermaker’s Companion, which is The Book I recommend to every new papermaker, student, or anyone who asks me how-to questions about making paper. You can check out the trailer and order a copy (and get the book) here!

On the same day, shortly before coming to Ragdale, I took the Art on Artmitage installation down, and had a good short visit with Mary Ellen Croteau, whose amazing bottlecap self-portrait was doing well up at ArtPrize. I had a good time installing bookshrooms and talking with Jen Thomas at Werkspace for Thinking Outside the Book. I couldn’t attend the opening since I’d just arrived here hours before, but Jen published bits on Tumblr as the rest was being installed, and it looks most intriguing. I’ll just have time to see the entire show after Cleveland and before Vermont!

And, I shipped and/ or arranged to have shipped work for Artists Working in Paper at William Busta Gallery in Cleveland; it opens October 12, and there will be a special reception for the Watermarks conference on Friday, October 19.

All this makes me triply excited to be attending my first (double) papermakers’ conference ever, the day after I leave here. I’ll come home (for four days before leaving again) with Aimee’s book and Helen’s video, and will meet several people I have only known through the web, and reconnect with many others….and it’s hosted by the Morgan! And now I’m caught up on the blahgpast. (Happy sigh).

5 thoughts on “While I was out #2: Paper / Book

  1. yay! now you can breathe easy. that was a most elegant catch up. thanks for the shout out but more thanks for the blurb! it’s the most perfect blurb a hanji author could have. see you next week!!

  2. Smith:

    College? What college?

    In any case, let’s not give credit where absolutely none is due. That would be unprofessional. (Someone once tried to convince me that to be called unprofessional was the Ultimate Threat, guaranteed to Ruin A Career!)

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