Outrunning hurricanes

Unbelievably, I am in Vermont.  I pulled up outside just in time for dinner after 12+ hours on the road yesterday, something I should not do and will not again; my feet and legs were still vibrating unpleasantly when I went to bed hours later.

Hurricanes and Halloween.

Wednesday, I wrote the last blog and caught up with all sorts of paperwork (electronically), and notified Vermont Studio Center that I would probably not be arriving till Monday, though the session began Sunday.  On Thursday, I was finally well enough to make it out of the house, still slightly bleary; I ran delayed errands, delivered a lot of artwork and picked up a couple of lovely items I bought for the studio, thanks to Evanston Print & Paper‘s generosity. Friday, Paul and I addressed the house (which I am sorry to say was absolutely disgusting; when I return, we’re having a guest for a late, weeklong delayed Thanksgiving celebration; now it can be kept decent for that) and I re-packed, switching out things from Ragdale for what I plan to do here.  That evening, I had a lovely visit from and impromptu dinner out with Gail Stiffe, who was visiting Chicago post-conference. We both discovered that we would be back at the Morgan the very next day! I offered a ride, but she had already booked a bus ticket.  I got only a few hours’ sleep so I could leave early in the morning, but was delayed; didn’t leave till 8 am, braced myself for horrendous traffic…and there was…none!  No traffic at all and I made my fastest time out of town ever: 38 minutes. (It was Saturday, and I didn’t even realize it; that’s what being knocked out for several days will do for you).

Behind the studio.

I got to the Morgan and put 2lbs of flax (I had none at home) to beat in the red monster beater; the Morgan folks had kindly soaked it for me overnight.  I had a great time talking to Susan and Tom and heard more about the conference and made some future plans; it was lovely to be there as it always is, for any reason. I beat Gail by an hour.  I drained the flax down to fit in one bucket (tossing out most of the hemicellulose, but I am casting with it, not making sheets).  On the way to Ohio, I kept getting text and social media messages, saying I was heading towards Hurricane Sandy, so Susan checked out the predictions for me. It seemed prudent to do the entire drive Sunday, instead of stopping overnight as I’d planned. I drove to Cindy’s and we only had a few minutes’  visit; she went out and I was in bed by 8 pm (which wasn’t hard to do; I was mightily fried by then and not capable of anything else); up and out early and a long, nasty drive, with Sandy pushing lots of rain and wind in front of her: rain from Ashtabula, Ohio to Syracuse, NY; advance high wind all through Vermont, rocking the car.  I was so tired (again) I didn’t even unload the studio last night; did that and set it up today (and snagged the last half-bag of casting plaster, woohoo!).  Now, this evening, we’ve got our predicted Sandy-related winds; spectacular gusts out there, and we’ve been told what to do in case of a power outage.  I’m wishing safety to everyone in Sandy’s path!

Hello, Sandy…

(Just as a side note, because of my damaged ears, I can be extremely sensitive to rapid pressure changes in the atmosphere.  All day, I’ve been a bit dizzy; now that the winds have arrived, I’m fine…)

Roof birds and Sandy…

One thought on “Outrunning hurricanes

  1. you’re “here”!!! interesting about your ears and the barometric pressure-i have sinusitis perpetually and have had on and off headaches hitting HARD then leaving-poof-
    very glad you made it safely, hope the vibration subsides (i know that feeling well, too).

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